Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Physician, Heal Thyself

Some days it is hard to find the silver lining.  Last night I half-slept and half-nightmared-awake as I followed the latest events from the killing cove at Taiji in Japan on Taiji Dolphin Defense Livestream TV and stayed up to date with posts about the latest atrocity on the Cove Guardians' Facebook page.  None of it was good.  It hurts the mind so badly it causes real physical harm as well - sleep deprivation isn't the half of it.

Our Western culture has developed a means of treating these ailments.  We treat them with a combination of sticking our head in the sand and - for the wee bits of horror that still somehow manage to sneak through - we treat them with pills (anti-depressants) and potions (alcohol).  We far too rarely treat the mind and we even more rarely devote our time and energy to attacking the root cause that has brought the problem to bear in the first place.

If you have clicked on either of the links above, you will realise that this isn't actually a medical blog today, despite the title.  Today's blog is about me healing myself.

Step 1: remove the blinkers; acknowledge that some bad stuff (some really bad stuff) is happening out there; resolve not to let it break me because that helps no-one, least of all the dolphins and pilot whales in Taiji's killing zone; resolve to do something about it.

Step 2: recognise the new-world version of pills and potions for the otherwise enlightened - facebook

Facebook, AKA, the illusion of doing something whilst actually not doing anything at all.  How much awareness can you actually raise if all you do is tell people who already know the same horror stories they have been telling you in an endless loop of ever decreasing circles of people who genuinely care but have trapped themselves in a hidden zone - hidden from the rest of the World because the rest of the World is still quite happily sticking its collective head in the sand we have managed to avoid.

Step 3: make sure that I (and anyone still reading this) understand what real action involves.  You either get yourself out to Taiji or you dig deep, stick your hand as far into your pocket as you can reach, take out as much money as you can afford - and we can always afford more than we think - and make sure you give it to someone who will go to Taiji.

Or do both.

If you have read this far, please click on this link Help send Anna to Taiji and take the time to look at this appeal from my best friend and fellow Sea Shepherd, Anna.  She spends all her time raising money for and giving money to Sea Shepherd (even when she needs it more for herself) Let's see if we can help her get a bit closer to Taiji:

Help send Anna to Taiji  Please support her and every other Cove Guardian.  Let them stop this horror.