Thursday, 13 December 2012

Haiku for Taiji

Evil men killing
My heart bleeds as dolphins die
Stop it. Stop it now!

More Haikus for Taiji at the end of today's blog.

The blood of a pilot whale slain in Taiji, Japan
Picture courtesy of Sea Shepherd Cove Guardiians

Taiji, Japan, is a place of horror. A place where they butcher several thousand dolphins and small whales every single year.

If you are reading this then you probably know that already. Therefore, the task for us all now is to spread the word as far as we possibly can because as anyone who has seen The Cove knows, the one thing the dolphin killers of Taiji fear most is exposure, "If the World finds out what we do here, we will be shut down..."

Every day this task becomes easier as Sea Shepherd's amazing Cove Guardians discover more and more innovative ways to get the message out to those of us who are desperate to offer support of our own, providing videos, pictures and commentaries for us all to share as far and as wide as we possibly can.

Here is a great example of just that:

Regularly our onshore volunteers and other supporters come up with other innovations of their own so today's blog is dedicated to Steve Jack (follow him on Twitter here) who came up with #Haiku4Taiji (clickable link) as another string to the ocean defender bow.

There is never going to be "THE" solution to the problem of raising awareness about the horrors taking place every day in Taiji but there are many, many "A" solutions. This one got popular, it got popular real quick and its popularity continues to grow. I hope this blog will help it grow again and I truly hope that between us all we manage to open even more eyes amongst a disbelieving public about just how awful Taiji really is.

I can't copy all of the Haikus for Taiji, there are many hundreds but do please click on the link above and see for yourself how powerful this initiative has been. And do please tweet some of your own adding the hashtag #haiku4taiji  If you have never written a Haiku before here is a useful guide How to Write Haikus

Meanwhile, here are some of my favourites from the last month on Twitter:

Peace now dolphin souls
Still and deep, flying from those
Who bring harm; deal death

When they've gone, what then?
Oceans die slowly leaving
A blue cove ~ bereft

Tonight it's too hard
Tears and words spilled and dried yet
Guardians endure

Dolphins wild and free
Exactly where they should be
Not dead in Taiji

The Taiji Livestream
Keeps me awake at night
But I have to watch

They watch and mourn
Breaking hearts make stronger wills
Brave guardians of the Cove

Hunters on the prowl
Death and murder on their minds
Conscience they have none

Dollars for dolphins
Children squeal; audience claps
They don't know the truth

Skiffs in formation
Early morning procession
Taiji's wake of shame

News reports protests
War, injustice, poverty
Dolphins need your voice

Dolphins need your voice.

Thank you for reading.